Building Your Sustainability Advantage

Assess your sustainable potential, demystify green building and gain the ability to turn your sustainability initiatives into tangible financial, economic, environmental and social returns with Imbue Sustainability. Benefit from our unique benchmarking and modelling tools that can accurately predict your future performance and return on investment.

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We help our clients achieve Economic, Environmental
and Social return on investment through green
building solutions.

Imbue is an independent sustainability consultancy with a proven track record and over 20 years experience in sustainability consulting, strategy and implementation.

Our Approach

At Imbue Sustainability we’ve designed a step-by-step approach that demystifies green buildings and gives you the ability to turn your sustainability initiatives into tangible financial returns.


Our Clients and Partners

We are proud to work and collaborate with the following organisations:
Our Services

Our services are designed to offer you sustainable initiatives and implementations that best suit your building category.

All of our project applications start with an assessment of your unique needs, against which we’ll propose well-informed and creative ideas that push the sustainability envelope. Choose the category that best represents your current needs to find out more.

New Build

Are you taking on a new construction project or major refurbishment? We’ll assist you to embed sustainability into the project right from the start. 

When involved in your new building project from the drawing board, our team has the opportunity to bring to the table well-informed and creative ideas that can push the sustainability envelope. Our expertise includes:

  • Certification (Green Star SA, Net-Zero, Precincts..)
  • Passive Design Interventions
  • Active Systems Implementation (Energy, Water, Waste, IEQ..)
  • Performance Modelling (Thermal, SANS XA)


Existing Buildings

Are you looking to transform your existing building into a high-performing sustainable asset that saves both energy and water?

Our process starts with an assessment of your assets and an audit of their potential using tools that have been developed in-house (specifically for the South African context). Our expertise includes:

  • Auditing
  • Strategy Development
  • Project Implementation
  • Building Upcycling
  • Green Star SA Certification (EBP, Net-Zero, EWP)
  • And more


Monitoring and Reporting

Looking for a way to continuously unlock further value from your building(s).


Imbue Sustainability knows from experience that to ensure sustainability success, the right systems for management must be in place. What is measured can be managed and so monitoring and evaluation of interventions is crucial to ensure you achieve your desired goals. We conduct the monitoring of systems and produce reports on the operation of systems to ensure they continue to perform at their peak. Our expertise includes:

  • Monitoring of implemented systems
  • Board-level reporting
  • Analysis of financial returns
  • Benchmarking and modelling


Benchmark Your Building

Imbue Sustainability has developed a number of tools to accurately evaluate how building systems perform, and how to improve them for enhanced sustainability.


We have also developed rating tools to compare buildings within a specific portfolio, allowing them to be ranked. This ability to benchmark shows where the sustainability interventions are most urgently required, or which particular properties would be best suited for a specific type of solution. Once the sustainability weaknesses have been identified, we can propose a number of projects that could be implemented to achieve the desired sustainability goals.

Try our benchmarking calculator to see how your buildings compare.

Success Stories

We helped the Vic Wharf achieve a 5-Star Green Star SA Existing Building Performance rating from the GBCSA – the highest rating for any existing shopping centre in South Africa. Excellent recycling initiatives, lots of natural light, efficient water and energy management, green cleaning practices and even a wildlife management programme make this a truly exceptional centre.

Imbue Sustainability implemented a R20-million green building refurbishment of Tower Property Fund’s Cape Quarter retail lifestyle village in Cape Town. The project included a 210kWp rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) installation, as well as installation of heat pumps for energy efficient water heating, and basement fan carbon dioxide control.

Viewed from above it’s clear to see what a powerhouse the new Junxion Mall in Philippi is. As the consultants on the project, Imbue Sustainability ensured the 1.2MW solar PV installation for the Devmark Property Group was designed to the highest standards. Our ongoing monitoring of the system will ensure it significantly lowers operating costs, mitigates against rising electricity costs and lowers the mall’s carbon footprint.

V&A Waterfront Victoria Wharf Green Star

Cape Quarter Sustainable Transformation

Junxion Mall Solar Photovoltaic